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 Login: GAST

CHE008 > HELP     15.08.22 07:10l 25 Lines 754 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : E8WHEJ71700B
Read: GAST
Subj: BPQ32
Path: FFLB0X<DBO841<DBO595<DBX320<DBX233<VB1BOX<HEJ717
Sent: 220814/1159z @:HEJ717.#BERN.CH.EU [Brienzwiler [JN46B] obcm1.08-5-g2f4a
From: CHE008 @ HEJ717.#BERN.CH.EU (Ady)
To:   HELP @ WW
Reply-To: CHE008 @ PG0BBS.BE.CH.EU
X-Info: No login password

Hello everyone 

After my FBB Box PC crashed, i would like to build up the BBQ32 Version with
Node & BBS.

Now i stuck with 2 problems 

1. How i can made a fixed axip Link, so that someone from outside can connect
my Node. For now it works only 1 way. I can connect out from my Node but not
from outside to my Node. ( in my testings from cb0esn )

2. Forward
I RX Forward but if i write a message to @ww it will be swaped to SYSOP and is
on hold/stop and will be not forwardet. Short = no outgoing forward. 
maybe someone can send me a print of hes Manage forwarding screen  to ???

73 de Addy CHE008
Interlaken JN36WQ

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