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HEJ715 > ALLE     27.06.22 19:13l 16 Lines 358 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : P6WHED276002
Subj: HED276
Path: FFLB0X<DBO841<DBO595<DBX320<DBX233<VB1BOX<HEJ717<HED276
Sent: 220625/1556z @:HED276.#AG.CH.EU [Rothrist [JN37WH]] obcm1.08-5-g2f4a
From: HEJ715 @ HED276.#AG.CH.EU (Adrian)
To:   ALLE @ WW
Reply-To: HEJ715 @ HEJ717.#BERN.CH.EU
X-Info: No login password

Hello everyone 

HED276 is back on Air ( 27.235<->Inet )

connects to HEN298 sometime possible if the QRM is not to high

Connect way   HED276 -> HEN298 -> HEM550  

but i just say above, QRM is sometime to much 

73 de Adrian HEJ715 

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