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ST1GER > INFO     17.07.22 11:33l 24 Lines 890 Bytes #999 (0) @ EU
BID : 3165_BX0GER
Read: GAST
Subj: Great opinion from NL1VKL WP Update
Path: FFLB0X<DBO841<DBO595<DBX320<DBX233<BX0GER
Sent: 220712/1616Z @:BX0GER.#G.THR.DEU.EU.WW #:3165 [Gera] $:3165_BX0GER


thinking so same, Dave.
Why receiving these updates from unknown Box, who's not a direct S&F partner?!
Maybe it could confusing White Pages from every mailbox, because I couldn't
reject or hold these Messages, begin with only "WP Update".
I don't know further, if the mailbox has included these informations or not.
Also a reject or hold, addressed to WP, has not worked.

To FRB024: Please stop these messages from WP Update!! It is senseless to
using that. Please "tell" your forward neighbor to exchange your WP updates
permanently. Note: It should be a PRIVATE message (P). Your neighbors mailbox
has a internal workflow to use these informations for next S&F mailboxes and
for it own.

Sorry grad an die deutschsprachigen .. es musste grad mal was gesagt werden!
Anybody wirds schon translaten für you ;)

55+73 de Stephan

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